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Cat Grooming Purrfection, Bli Bli

A boutique pet grooming salon exclusively for beloved cats.

Home based and stress free, the salon provides a tranquil space with relaxing music, soothing essential oil in the air, cat grass, treats, and a gentle touch to help your cat relax and have the best grooming experience possible.

Purrfect for cats needing un-sedated grooming care.

Professional grooming tools are available for purchase in salon.

Check out the range in salon during your visit and receive tips and tricks for regular home brushing!

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Cat Grooming Purrfection's experienced groomer is a proud member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA).  Natasha is currently undergoing certification and training to become a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG). 

The National Cat Groomers Institute is the only accredited cat's only grooming school in the world.  They set the international standards for cat groomers, and have certifiers worldwide who encourage groomers to provide the highest level results, care and service.  

A blog from Danelle German, the president of NCGI on Cat Grooming can be found in this article




“It is rare to find someone as caring and with such high standards as Natasha. She has such a tranquil, kind, gentle, loving nature which shows in the way she treats our very timid long haired cat, Lucy. Natasha is a perfectionist too so I can always be sure Lucy will be well cared for and look brilliant after a visit to her salon. We were very lucky to have found Natasha.”

Rosey & Mike – LUCY

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