About Me


My name is Natasha, pet groomer and owner of Purrfect Pet Spa. 

I absolutely love pet grooming and helping so many beautiful cats and dogs by making them look, smell, and most importantly – feel amazing and happy!


I’m excited to provide a one-on-one grooming service that provides for the individual needs of your pet. 

I allow enough time for them to be groomed at their own pace while being the centre of attention, with some free play time within a safe and secure environment.


As a pet care professional and pet parent, I truly understand the importance of having a trusted professional to provide

undivided care and attention. 


My fur child is a beautiful ragdoll cat named Patricia Scarlet (AKA Puss Puss),

she’s my pride and joy, and I’d LOVE to meet yours.

Please feel free to send me a message to find out more. I really look forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting your favourite companion.

Natasha xx