About Me

Dog Grooming Tools


My name is Natasha, and I established Purrfect Pet Spa because I have always had a love of all dogs great and small, cats of all temperaments, and basically anything fluffy. 


I’m deeply passionate about animal welfare and I absolutely love pet grooming.


While working for a large-scale commercial grooming business I noticed a niche in the market for a one-on-one grooming service that provides for the individual needs of dogs and cats. 

A unique service that allows time for them to relax and feel comfortable in a quiet salon environment without spending long periods in cages before and after grooming. 


As a pet care professional and pet parent, I truly understand the importance of having a trusted and kind professional to provide safe and loving undivided care and attention.

Growing up, my family pets were always old english sheep dogs and ragdoll cats.  These days my fur child is a beautiful ragdoll cat named Patricia Scarlet (AKA Puss Puss), she’s my pride and joy, and I’d LOVE to meet yours.


Please feel free to send me a message to find out more.  

I really look forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting your favourite companion.