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Cat Terms and Conditions:

Vaccination, Worming and Flea Control:  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their cat is vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas before entering the salon.  Kittens must have received their second vaccination (10 to 12 weeks), 10 days prior to attending the salon.  Proof of vaccination is required for all kittens less than 6 months old.  I recommend kittens have their first bath and blow dry under 6 months of age.   In cases where ringworm is present, I will be unable to groom your cat until the ringworm has been effectively treated as ringworm is highly contagious.

Safety & Welfare:  Grooming can be a stressful experience.  To help me insure the safety and welfare of the cat, the owner (or authorised person) must inform me of the following and the service may be refused or ceased.

  • If the cat has a heart condition or a pre-existing medical condition.

  • If the cat shows aggression to people or other animals.

  • If the cat is recovering from a recent surgery or has any pre-existing injuries or sore spots.

  • If the cat is on any medication or under any form of sedation.  If sedation is required, the customer will be referred to a vet clinic.


This service may be refused or ceased if the service is deemed a risk to the cat or other cat’s health.  If the service is refused or ceased due to a cat's bad behaviour, a booking fee of $40 applies.

Animal Safety:  Cat’s will always be isolated from other animals in the salon, and crated for the protection of themselves and other animals within the salon.  Owners may be asked to collect their cat if they present a danger to myself, other animals or themselves.  It is required that all cat's are dropped off and picked up in separate cat carriers at all times. 

Kitty Kits involving clipping are based on the clip only – other services included are complimentary and will be carried out if your cat is still coping ok. 

Matting:  It is not uncommon to find pre-existing conditions such as hot spots, sores and other skin issues once the matted coat is removed.  There is also a chance that your cat’s skin may become irritated from clipping so close due to matting and could be accidently cut in the process.  The procedure takes extreme care and extra time, due to this there will be additional charges depending on the severity of the matting.

Health:  In the unlikely event that veterinary treatment is required which has an imminent impact on a cat’s health, the owner gives consent for this establishment to seek treatment for the cat at the closest local veterinary clinic.  The owner will be contacted as soon as possible to advise of any incident or condition noticed during the service.  The service will not be completed until either; the owner is contacted and permission to continue is granted or consent obtained and recorded for veterinary assessment, with the owners aware of any costs that may be involved.  Purrfect Pet Spa will not be liable for any vet related costs due to health issues arising from;

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

  • Matted coats which may result in;

  • Clipper rash

  • Exposing pre-existing hot spots and sores

Cancellations and re-schedule requests:  Please allow 24 hours notice for any cancellations or re-schedule requests. 

Late collection fees:   No early drop offs or late picks up to reduce stress to the cat.  Additional charges may be incurred for the late collection.  The owner must notify the salon if they are unable to collect on agreed time.  Additional charges from $15 per 15 mins will be incurred where after hours care is required. 



I am the owner/authorised person of the cat as detailed above and hereby give consent to perform the described service.  I have read and understood the terms and conditions as published on the Purrfect Pet Spa website.  


Signed (Customer): ……………………………………………………………………..  Date: ………………………………

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