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Kitty Kits

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"De-Shed with a Tidy Trim?"
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Deluxe De-Shed
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Kitten Bath & Blow Dry


Single Services

Shampoo Treatments

Surcharges (Applied in 10 min Increments)


Complimentary Bath & Blow Dry 

Cat grooming packages are based on the clip or de-shed only. Bath and Blow Dry is complimentary and will only be carried out if your cat is coping ok. This is to minimise the stress levels in your cat as well as protect myself from potentially getting injured.

Please note that a full bath and blow dry is only offered for well-behaved cats.  If you cat doesn’t like water, I have a beautiful rinse-less shampoo option as an alternative to a full bath. 


If your cat doesn’t like the blow dryer, I can offer a good towel dry followed by a light brush out to significantly help the coat to dry naturally.


Cat Grooming Safety

While cats are great self-groomers, they often need a helping hand due to matting, excessive coat, heat exhaustion, being elderly, overweight, unwell, or simply needing a general wash and tidy up.

With extreme care and patience, I will do what I can to complete your cats groom safely and gently.  My main goal is to keep your cat happy at all times throughout the groom.  Most cats enjoy being professionally groomed within their time limit.  

For each situation, I offer a solution that will best suit the needs of your cat. I offer various lengths in coat clipping. 

It is always best to avoid having a cat sedated for grooming, however on the very rare occasion that a cat refuses to be groomed in salon, I may recommend that they be groomed at a vet while under sedation.  I do try my best to avoid this, and in cases where vet sedation is required, I will offer advice and an ongoing grooming plan to avoid vet sedation in the future, if possible.

Cats are best groomed in a quiet environment, for this reason I usually prefer to groom alone or with a professional assistant if required.  However you are welcome to stay for the first 10 minutes of the groom to comfort your cat if you like. 

It is important that cats are only in salon for the duration of their grooming appointment.  I request that drop off’s please be no earlier than 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment time, and pick up’s to be no later than 30 minutes after your pick up time.  This is to reduce stress to your cat, and keep him or her separate from other cats, where possible.  Please bring your cat to the salon in a carrier for safety.

Cat grooming can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours, depending on the service required and the temperament of your cat.  Please be patient, safety always comes first so I will take my time.  I will always send you a text message when your cat is ready for pick up.

Being freshly clipped can often give a cat a new lease on life, with more time to play and less time to self-groom.  Some cats may hide for the first day or so, every cat is different. I love to hear stories of happy kitties after thier day spa visit!

Parasite Prevention

I am proud to have high disinfecting standards for the prevention of disease.

I provide my own bath and towels except for cases where fleas are present, then I ask you to bring your own towels.  When ring worm is present, I cannot groom you cat as ring worm is highly contagious.

All pet's must be treated for and free of parasites (flea's, tick's, lice, worms) before entering the salon.  If I spot fleas or ticks on your pet in salon before or during the bathing process I will apply Fido's Flea Shampoo in their bath for an additional fee of $10. 

If you have concerns with worms, fleas or ticks I will advise you of the best way to protect your pet - please see my

Parasite Prevention and Control Guidelines.


Not sure which service suits your cat best???  That’s ok!
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