Cat Grooming 
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Services and packages are based on the size of your pet, additional surcharges may apply for heavily matted coats or excessive undercoat.

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If you're not 100% satisfied with the service I'll refund your money.

Kitty Kits

"Not too short?"
Comb Clip
Lion Clip
"Hair Everywhere?"
"Fresh & Fluffy?"
Wet Cat
Bath & Blow Dry
"On the Nose?"
Bath & Towel Dry
"New Kitty?"
Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse
Kitten Bath & Blow Dry


Single Services

Additional Treatments

Surcharges (Applied in 10 min Increments)


Kitty Kit Guidelines

Kitty Kit's are based on the cut only.  Other services included in the kit are complimentary and will be carried out if your cat is still coping ok.  

This is to protect the stress levels in your cat as well as to protect myself from getting injured and to prevent a bad experience. 

My cat grooming routine starts with nail clipping, coat clipping, then bathing, towel drying and a 10 minute blow dry. 

I only bath, towel and blow dry well behaved cats for their safety. 

I use only the best products for your cat.  I use a rinse free shampoo for the scaredy cats new to bathing to get them in and out of the bath without all the fuss.  For those cats that don't do well with water I have specially formulated dry shampoos which attract oil and dirt to a powder, for a quick water free bath.  I also have suitable shampoos for those oily, dry, matted and double coated cats. 

All cats coats must be dry for coat clipping, if your cats coat is excessively oily/dirty he or she will need a quick bath the day before your clipping appointment.


Cat Grooming Safety

All Cats are groomed without sedation and with tender loving care.  If I believe your cat is too stressed out by the situation I may refer you to a vet for clipping under sedation.  

Most cats can be clipped and bathed, some are even better with grooming than dogs. 

I groom compliant cats only. 

Cat Grooming is one on one.  Cats are only at the salon for their grooming times, no early drop off or later pick ups past 30 minutes to reduce stress to the cat.  I recommend you stay for at least 10 minutes for your cats first grooming.  

Grooming takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

I will only groom cats with a good temperament and those that cannot be sedated due to medical reasons.  Cats are unpredictable so if I decide not to groom your cat it is because I can tell your cat is stressed or is going to be aggressive.  I need my hands for my career so I may use a muzzle or vet collar as I deem necessary. 

I  may recommend temporary regular grooming to train your cat with grooming.  I have much success with this training and I can discuss this matter in salon. 

Please be patient, I can get many delays with cranky biting, scratching scared cats.  I love your cats so I will take my time.

Please bring your cats in separate carriers, as they may become aggressive towards each other post grooming, as they smell and look different.  I may not accept a cat for grooming if not in a carrier.

After your cat has been clipped you may notice he or she being unusually affectionate.  Grooming a cat gives them more time to play and less to groom and sometimes a new lease on life - others may hide for the first day or so, every cat is different.  

Multi cat households are recommended to be kept separated for up to 1 night after grooming for their own scent to return.

Please note clipping can change your cats coat.

When there is a Ringworm Problem

I am proud to have high disinfecting standards for the prevention of disease.

I provide my own bath and towels except for cases where fleas are present, then I ask you to bring your own towels.  When ring worm is present, I cannot groom you cat as ring worm is highly contagious.

All pet's must be treated for and free of parasites (flea's, tick's, lice, worms) before entering the salon.  If I spot fleas or ticks on your pet in salon before or during the bathing process I will apply Fido's Flea Shampoo in their bath for an additional fee of $10. 

If you have concerns with worms, fleas or ticks I will advise you of the best way to protect your pet - please see my

Parasite Prevention and Control Guidelines.


Not sure which service suits your cat best???  That’s ok!
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