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Single Services Explained...

Take advantage of my single services if you only require one or two things and need to dash in and out!  Whatever your pooch’s needs are, I can always accommodate.


Nail Trimming ...$30

I know that clipping your dog’s nails can be a tricky and stressful occasion.  Left untrimmed, long nails can cause your pet discomfort and lead to other complications.

I am experienced and on hand to professionally trim your pet's nails in a calm and reassuring environment.

Dogs generally require nail clipping once a month, with the frequency depending on their lifestyle. 


Please note nail trimming is included in all Pooch Packages.

Anal Gland Expression ...$15

Have you noticed your pet scooting, rubbing or trying to chew its bottom?  Your dog may have full or blocked anal glands.  An itchy bottom or swollen glands can be a sign that they need emptying. 

It is usually best to allow an experienced professional to express your pet’s anal glands, incorrect or rough technique can be dangerous to your pet.  I offer external anal gland expression as a single or additional service.

Fresh Breath ...$10

I will gently brush your pooch's teeth using a gel of unique powerful natural ingredients that removes and defends against plaque and tarter.  I use a fresh doggy toothbrush that I will wrap up for you to keep.

Your pooch will have fresh breath and be ready for cuddles.

Nail Polishing ...$30

Pamper your pup with my beautiful pawdicure nail painting!  I include a file of the nails and apply natural organic paw balm to your pup's paws.  Your fur child will look absolutely fabulous.

I use a pet-safe nail polish, that won’t harm your dog if they happen to lick or chew their nails.  Various colours and styles are available.

I will remove the nail polish free of charge - just make a quick booking to come on in when you are ready.  I use a pet-safe nail polish remover which is also available for purchase in salon for $14.99 per bottle if you would like the convenience of removing your pooches nail polish at home.

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