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Single Services Explained...

Take advantage of my single services if you only require one or two things and need to dash in and out!  Whatever your kitty's needs are, I can always accommodate.


Half Belly Shave ...$20

Full Belly Shave ...$40

A Belly Shave is a close shave from inside your cat’s front legs down to in between the hind legs.  It’s a great option every 10-12 weeks for cats that knot or mat quickly.

The Belly Shave also helps to keep your cat cool during summer.  With a Belly Shave they can lie on tiles or concrete to cool themselves down without the plush coat on their belly trapping the heat.  I also offer a longer version for winter.

A Belly Shave is also visually appealing.  Unless your cat is lying on its back, you wouldn’t even notice its there.


Please note, a Full Belly Shave is included in Lion Clip and Comb Clip kitty kits.

Sanitary Clip ...$20

The Sanitary Clip includes a close shave from under the cats tail to half way down the inside of its back legs.


This is especially beneficial to medium to long-coated cats as they tend to mat quickly in friction areas such as between their hind legs.


Perfect every 10-12 weeks for keeping the important bits clean and the knots at bay. 


Please note a Sanitary Clip is included in all Kitty Kits.

Nail Trimming ...$30

I know that clipping your cat’s nails can be a tricky and stressful occasion.  Left untrimmed, long nails can cause your pet discomfort and lead to other complications.  I am experienced and on hand to professionally trim your pet's nails in a calm and reassuring environment.

Cats require nail clipping, with the frequency depending on their lifestyle.

Indoor-only cats will need more regular nail trims whereas outdoor cats may naturally wear their nails and require less frequent trimming. 

Please note nail trimming is included in all Kitty Kits.

Toe Tuft Trim ...$10

A gentle trim of knots or excess fur between your pet's paw pads, using gentle trimmer clippers.


Please note a Toe Tuft Trim is included in all Kitty Kits.

Front only Nail Caps ...$35

Front and back Nail Caps ...$50

Single Replacements ...$5


Also known as soft paws, nail caps are a fun, safe and pain free way to prevent your cat from shredding your furniture and scratching with their claws.

Nail caps come in a number of fun colours, both glittered and plain.  I carefully trim your cats nails to attach your cats nail caps, these are glued on with a pet safe glue.  

Nail caps grow out naturally with your cats nails much like acrylic nails on humans, they last anywhere between

4-12 weeks.  

For the first time cats, I wait around and watch their behaviour with the nail caps to assure they are not going to pull them off, surprisingly most cats leave them alone.

Outside cats need sharp nails to get out of the way of predators, therefore I only recommend nail capping for inside kitties.  

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