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Lion Clip


  • Body Clip

  • Tail and Legs Sanitary Clip

  • Scissor trim of Mane, Head, Legs and Tail

  • Breed Standard Face Trim (Himalayan, Persian)

  • Comb Out / Light De-Shed of Mane, Head, Legs and Tail

  • Nail Trim

  • Toe Tuft Trim

  • Warm Degreasing Hand Bath / Rinse-less Hand Bath

  • Gentle Towel Dry

  • Gentle Blow Dry

  • Facial Cleanse

  • Ear Clean 

  • Cologne

  • Free Treats

A lion clip is a close shave leaving the head, ruff, legs and tail.  The tail can be left long and luxurious with a good brush out, or shaved leaving a precious pom. The mane can be left long like a lion, or clipped short and blended into a cute round head. 

A short coat is ideal for heavily matted cats, those that suffer from heat during summer, shed fur excessively over furniture and carpet, often vomits furballs (on your carpet), or does not appreciate being brushed regularly.

Most cats return to half coat length within 3 months and full coat length within 6 months.

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