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Deluxe De-Shed


  • Tidy Trim (scissor)

  • Coat Strip / Thinning and Removal of Fur

  • Coat Brushing

  • Matting Removal

  • Sanitary Clip

  • Nail Trimming

  • Toe Tuft Trim

  • Facial Cleanse

  • Ear Clean

  • Warm Hand Bath / Rinse-less Bath

  • Towel Dry

  • Full Blow Dry

  • Conditioning Spray

  • FREE Treats

If you would like your long haired cat to have a nice tidy up without being clipped, this service is the purrfect solution.

The Deluxe De-shed package has all the inclusions of a De-Shed package, plus a tidy trim to further minimise the fur and help your cat with self-grooming.

A tidy trim includes a scissor trim under your cat’s belly, between the front and back legs, the mane, and facial area if needed.  This subtle trim will leave your cats coat looking neat, natural and beautiful.

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