• Warm Hand Bath using Naturally Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Blow Dry

  • Facial Cleanse

  • Ear Clean

  • Nail Trim

  • Toe Tuft Trim

  • Hygiene Clip

  • Full Body Brush

  • Scissor Finish – Face, Feet, Tidy

  • Cologne


If you have a medium to long haired dog with no undercoat then a trim package is for you.

The trim package is a nice scissor tidy of the coat after a bath, blow dry and good brush out. This scissor tidy includes face, feet, feathers, mane and tail.

This package is a great maintenance option, leaving your pooch looking neat and natural with little fuss.

Perfect at least every 4-6 weeks for keeping your pet cool and comfortable with a luxurious coat