Cat De-shed


  • Warm Hand Bath / Dry Bath

  • Towel dry (wet bath)

  • Full Blow Dry

  • Facial Cleanse

  • Ear Clean

  • Nail Trim

  • Toe Tuft Trim

  • Tail and Legs Hygiene Clip

  • Coat Brushing

  • Professional coat strip / thinning and removal of hair

  • Finishing Conditioning Spray / Cologne


Tired of cat fur all over your home?

Does your cat overheat in summer?

Are you fighting a never-ending battle with knots?

De-Shedding is essential for maintaining your cat’s coat, especially when their coat thickens during winter and knots appear. 

This de-shedding service will significantly reduce the amount of cat fur around your home and help keep the knots at bay so your cat can avoid the post winter shave off.