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  • Warm Hand Bath / Dry Bath

  • Towel Dry (wet bath)

  • Facial Cleanse

  • Ear Clean

  • Nail Trim

  • Toe Tuft Trim

  • Tail and Legs Hygiene Clip

  • Coat Brushing

  • Finishing Conditioning Spray / Cologne


Most cat's actually don’t hate water.  Sometimes they need help as they have difficulty removing excess build up of oils on the skin and coat, which can lead to knots and heavy matting. 

Arthritic and overweight cats may also have difficulty reaching around to their back and tail, resulting in clumps of thick, hard fur in short and long-coated cats. 

Bath and Towel Dry is the perfect maintenance option to keep your cat squeaky clean and smelling great.

On the nose?

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