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Small:  $50

Medium:  $65

Large:  $80

X Large:  $90

New Puppy?

  • Includes...

    Hand washing with sensitive shampoo.

    Slow introduction to the blow dry noise and feel.

    Gentle Brushing and combing.

    Face , eyes, and feet tidy.

    Shaving of hygiene area and pads.

    Foaming facial clean.

    Nail clip and introduction to nail file.

    NO body, leg or head trimming.


    My Puppy Pamper is an introduction to grooming for a puppy. I focus on helping puppies have a good experience so that they feel comfortable with grooming.


    An introduction to grooming at an early age is very important for your pet’s happy grooming life.

    Neatness can vary with puppy grooming as I do not like to stress puppies so I do not force grooming.


    Puppy grooming...

    As an option I can also do a full groom for their first grooming but dogs generally take better to a gentle introduction at a very early age.

    I still recommend you do twice weekly brushing/combing in between. The best way to do this is on a high surface with someone distracting/holding the front end, or a filled kong to keep puppy distracted. The feeling of combing and brushing can be quiet strange for puppies and they may bite as they teeth. Please avoid letting your dog bite your fingers and the brush as this can teach a negative learnt behaviour.

    Regular 3-4 weekly grooming (every second is a full groom) will help your dog become an angel on the grooming table for you and your groomer. If your pet becomes naughty or stressed at all, I am open to weekly free grooming desensitisation lessons for some dogs (time and behaviour permitting, bookings essential).

    All puppies go through a coat change at 6-14 months. During this stage the coat will be harder to maintain, so daily brushing sessions are best. That super soft, fluffy, easy care puppy coat will transition into the adult coat around that age, becoming high maintenance (at least in the short term). The thinner puppy coat is being replaced by the thicker adult coat, and coat texture and colour may change too. It may become less or more curly, the coat colour may darken or lighten, and the rate of shedding may change.

    I recommend regular puppy tidy ups until the adult coat is fully formed. If not kept on top of, a pup’s first visit to the groomer mayresult in the coat having to be cut very short to remove the mats.I highly recommend that you brush your dog at home using a slicker brush followed by a comb to brush out that stuck puppy coat and prevent knots forming. If not removed promptly while forming, knots can turn into mats which sit against the skin and cause serious health concerns, from discomfort to nasty skin infections. Make sure to brush right down to the skin, brushing section by section, swapping to a slicker brush or wide comb when you find a tangle or knot. A detangler spray such as secret weapon, is excellent for reducing discomfort when removing knots and reducing static whilebrushing. Spend extra time on friction areas including behind the ears, paws, armpits, ankles, base of tail and around the neck, which tend to be the most knot-prone areas.All Dogs shed! Some just shed into their own coat, causing knots if not brushed.Proof of vaccinationProof of vaccination is required for all puppies less than 6 months old. It is required that puppy’s have had their C5 Vaccination 10 days prior to attending the salon, or when the Vet says possible health wise. The Vet will recommend that Puppies receive their C3 vaccine at 6–8 weeks of age and a C5 vaccine at 10–12 weeks of age. Depending on the puppy's circumstances, a further booster C3 may be recommended at 14–16 weeks of age.

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