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Small:  $65

Medium:  $80

Large:  $95

X Large:  $105

Hair everywhere?

  • Includes...

    Warm Hand Bath using Naturally Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

    Blow Dry

    Facial Cleanse

    Ear Clean

    Nail Trim

    Toe Tuft Trim

    Hygiene Clip

    Full Body Brush

    Undercoat Removal



    If you prefer to keep your dog's coat length but would like to thin it out then a de-shed package is for you.

    A de-shed removes all excess and dead hair from the coat leaving the coat smoother, thinner and mat free. I use a specialised shampoo formulated to help release the hair during the moulting process, and a high quality steel brush with a blade like end to drag out the undercoat and thin the coat out.

    A regular de-shed of your dogs coat is also very effective for significantly reducing the amount of dog fur around your home and car!

    Perfect at least every 6-8 weeks for keeping your pet cool and comfortable with a luxurious coat.​

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