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Hi I’m Natasha and welcome to Purrfect Pet Spa Buderim, the ultimate in gentle and beautiful grooming for dogs and cats.


Purrfect Pet Spa is my new home based salon and it allows me to offer you and your precious pet a true one-on-one personalised experience.


I offer generous appointment times to allow enough time for your pet to be groomed at their own pace.  Your pet will be the center of attention, with some free play time within a safe and secure homely environment.


Purrfect Pet Spa is located on King Street in Buderim, Sunshine Coast.  Purrfect Pet Spa is handy to reach and parking is a breeze.


My salon is fitted out with state of the art grooming equipment and premium products.  I use a range of certified organic, soap free and tearless shampoo and conditioners to ensure the most pleasant and safe experience for all pet skin types.


I conduct a full nose-to-tail assessment during each visit and will provide you with expert advice on your pet’s health and grooming needs.


I love to see excited pet parents arrive to their pet who looks, smells, and most importantly – feels amazing and happy!


Natasha xx

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