Maltese - Classic Clip
“I feel very blessed to have found Natasha. She was so very gentle with my little girl Daisy (13
year old with arthritis) who looked a million dollars when she was finished! We will definitely be
back!!” - Sue-Ellen (Local Search)

Border Collie - De-Shed & Trim
I'm so so happy with Natasha's work. Our Border Collie Bailey looks beautiful. Natasha went
the extra mile and did the best grooming job I have experienced. Would definitely recommend
her and we will be going back” - Laura (Google)

Persian Cat – Lion Clip
“Natasha was amazing with my persian cat Molly. Molly got a full lion clip and Natasha helped
her to feel at ease during the process. Molly's trim looks great and I would definitely recommend
Purrfect Pet Spa to anyone who wants their pet to receive a high quality groom for their pet” -
Polly (Google)

Border Collie - De-Shed & Trim
“Highly recommend Natasha! She is absolutely lovely and so passionate about dogs. She is
very loving towards our boy Wolf. She does an excellent job of de shedding and grooming and
is a reasonable price. Highly recommend!” - Jo (Google)

Domestic Long-Haired Cat – Lion Clip
“Natasha treated my cat with great care and had exceptional attention to detail. The pride she
takes in her work is very obvious. Work space is very neat and tidy. Would highly recommend” -
Moira (Google)

Maltese x Poodle - Classic Clip
“We are extremely happy with Natasha's work, she is an absolute dog whisperer! Our puppy
was completely calm and relaxed during his groom with Natasha, which was amazing because

all other groomers in the past have told us that he is extremely agitated and poorly behaved.
She did a fantastic job with his cut and we will definitely be back!” – Renee (Google)

Maltese x Shih Tzu – Classic Clip

“Natasha was great, she’s very friendly and did a great job on my puppy!!!! I highly recommend
her services!!!!” - Angie (Oneflare)

Ragdoll Cat – Nail Clip
“Natasha did an excellent job of clipping my Ragdoll cats nails as well as being able to keep him
calm during the process” - Simon (Oneflare)

Cavoodle – Classic Clip
“Natasha did such an amazing job! My cavoodle absolutely loves her! He was so happy and had
obviously been extremely pampered, not to mention looking great with his new haircut! Would
definitely recommend!” - Daniel (Local Search)

King Charles Cavalier - Classic Clip
“Natasha is warm, professional and has an incredible rapport with Bruno. She also gave him the
best grooming of his life. We are converted and loyal to you forever Natasha! Thank you!!!” –
Jude (Google)

Schnauzer – Style Clip
“Natasha gave that extra special attention and care to my best friend, a very important point of
difference to many of the other dog grooming places on the coast. Highly recommend!” -
Steemo (Google)

Cavoodle – Style Clip
“Lovely lady great job . Really happy” - Tregan (Google)

Border Collie's – De-shed & Trim
“Natasha was absolutely fantastic with my 2 border collies that needed A LOT of attention last
minute before Christmas. I was over the moon with how the boys looked & would definitely
come back! Not only did she do a phenomenal job, she also gave me some tips for
maintenance between grooms. 10/10! I will be recommending her to all my friends & family for
their doggos. Thanks Natasha” ☺️Jess (Oneflare)

German Shepherd – De-shed & Trim, 2 Staffies – Bath & Blowdry
“Dear Natasha. Thank you. The pix and video are gorgeous. And so are the dogs after your expert
grooming. In particular we couldn't believe how fantastic Cappy looks. We will definitely be back :)” –
Gabbi (Text Message)

Schnauzer - Classic clip
“Hi Natasha, just wanted to let you know that my partner also loved what you did with Maisie and he
felt this was the best job he's seen. Thank you very much and it was lovely to meet you”  – Kate
(Text Message)

King Charles Spaniel - Classic Clip
“Thank you so much she looks so cute! You did the best job she has never been that calm with someone.
Thanks again” – Olivia (Text Message)

Silky Terrier Cross - Classic Clip
“Thanks Natasha! She was really happy yesterday and no vomiting so that's great :) hopefully after a few
more clips she might even get excited about going haha” – Gabby (Text Message)

Border Collie, and Chihuahua - Classic Clips
“Awww I love these! Thankyou for just being amazing at what you do! Oh these photos are
gorgeous, thank you so much”  - Taylor (Text Message)

Cavoodle – Classic Clip
“Hi Natasha! Awww Those are great photos of him! Thank you so so much. We're so glad we found
you! Odie went for a walk around Noosa this morning and lots of people commented on how well
groomed he was:)” – Laura (Text Message)

Cavoodle – Classic Clip
“Natasha, thank you so much for the photos and her grooming today! Lucy responds so well to kind,
gentle people. And thank you Dan for the kind thought of a glass of water. Will see you next visit”.
❤️ – Jenny (Text Message)

Ragdoll Cat - Lion Clip
“I hope you weren't too tired after all your work on mr Puss yesterday .. I have told everyone how
fabulous you were and that he was in a terrible state ..he is so cheery today ..this is terrible but he
caught a bird ... I have never known him to do that before ..I must get a little collar and bell ..he must be
feeling so powerful ..!! Naughty boy .!! Are you on whats ap so I can send you some photos??” Libby xx
– Libby (Text Message)

Border Collie x Heeler - De-shed
“Awwww thank you Natasha you are such a gentle soul!”  – Kate (Text Message)

King Charles Spaniel - Classic Clip

“Natasha you did such a lovely cut. Olivia told me that you were very nice person and that Taffy loved
you. Thank you. C u next time (; – Amanda (Text Message)

Maltese x Poodle - Classic Clip
“Hi Natasha, I just tried to ring to say thank you very much for Otis' haircut! Judy mentioned you
said that Otis was very well behaved for you - you are clearly a Dog whisperer! The last time we
took him to the groomer, she was extremely upset with otis' bad behaviour . We're very happy
with the cut and will definitely be bringing him back to you whenever we come up to the coast.
Thanks again!!” - Renee and Elliott (Text Message)


“What a transformation- R and E are stoked!” – Jude (Text Message)

Spaniel – Classic clip
“Omg! He looks amazing! Thankyou so much Natasha”  – Charlotte (Text Message)

Shih Tzu x Maltese – Classic Clip
“Thank you Natasha, he is pretty pleased with himself - boiled rice, poached chicken breast and chia
seeds, coconut oil etc “ – Julie (Text Message)

Shih Tzu - Classic clip
“We are soo happy. You did an amazing job. Thank you! – Cassie (Text Message)

Shmoodle - Classic clip
“Hi Natasha, thank you so much! He loves it!!! Cant wait to see you again on the 27th !
Thanks” – Jordan (Text Message)

King Charles Cavalier - De-shed

“Thanks again Natasha! She looks amazing” – Ben (Text Message)

King Charles Cavalier - De-Shed
“They are gorgeous photos thank you so much for grooming her so well” – Brittany (Text Message)

Border Collie - Classic clip
“Thank you Natasha, he looks amazing. Much appreciated” – Sheridan (Text Message)

Shneazuer - Classic clip
“Thank you so much! Once again a wonderful job!” – Kate (Text Message)

Mixed Breed - Classic clip
“He is gorgeous Natasha. Thank you”. – Robi (Text Message)

Border Collie x Husky - De- shed & Trim
“These are so cute! You did a great job! Thank you so so much. See you again soon!” – Jo (Text

Lhasa Apso x Toy Poodle - Classic Clip
“So cute. Thank you so much he looks so much better and cooler xx” – Kate (Text Message)

Border Collie - De-shed & Trim

“Hi Natasha, thanks for your service, I think Ben really enjoyed it, please let me know what will be the
cost of de shedding brush, I might get one. Definitely we will come back soon.. Ta Amit” – Amit (Text

Maltese x Shih Tzu – Classic Clip
“Thank you, I'm very happy with your work.... you'll definitely see us again ☺️ Happy new year!!!!” –
Angie (Text Message)

Border Collie's - De-shed & Trim
“Merry Christmas Natasha! The boys are looking extra beautiful today thanks to you!” – Jess (Text

Spoodle – Classic Clip
“Natasha, we are so happy with the nice caring job you did on Levi and the time you took with him .
Happy to have paid the extra . Merry Christmas” – Amanda (Text Message)

Cavoodle – Classic Clip
“Hi Natasha, thank you for clipping Lumi back, we really appreciate you taking good care of him” – Portia
(Text Message)

Schnoodle – Classic Clip
“Thank you so much Natasha, so lovely to meet you guys. Kwazii looks so beautiful and smells a whole
lot better too. I bet he sleeps well tonight! Thank you for your kindness and care of him today, see you
again soon! Kylie, Grant, Levi, Jesse and Kwazii xx” - Kylie (Text Message)

Domestic Long Haired Cat – Lion Trim

“Thank you so much Natasha! You did a wonderful job!” – Moira (Text Message)

Tabby - Matting removal
“Thanks so much Natasha for your help Mutti told me off all the way home, devoured a dish of food as if
she hadn't been fed for a month, went through the cat door, found a spot in the sun and went to
sleep. Apparently all is forgiven Will wait for your call next week”– Trish (Text Message)

Moodle – Classic Clip
“Wow thanks for the wonderful pics of my little girl” - Jason (Text Message)

Border Collie - De-shed & Trim
“Hi Natasha, that's no problem at all. We were so happy with how Bailey turned out. Thanks so much for
the photos. And I'm so glad to hear he behaved well. He is a very good boy and you'll definitely be
seeing him again. Thanks so much for your work and looking after Bailey so well” - Laura (Text

King Charles Cavalier – Classic Clip
“Thank you Natasha. He looks gorgeous and so happy! I enjoyed our chat- see you next time” - Jude
(Text Message)

Maltese x Shih Tzu – Style Cut
“Thank you so much for taking such great care of Trouble today! She's totally worn out”
Tamarind (Text Message)

Cavoodle – Classic Clip

“Thank you she looks lovely! See you next time” – Crystal (Text Message)

Border Collie - De-shed & Trim
“Hi Natasha, can you send me the photo you got of Molly with her ears up please . Thankyou so much
we are very happy”  – Judy and Paul (Text Message)

Shetland Sheepdog - De-shed
“Thank you Natasha! She's so clean and lovely, thank you so much. You've done a fantastic job. We will
definitely be back next time we are up. Thanks again!” - Bella (Text Message)

Border Collie - Classic Clip
“Oh my goodness- look at that tongue!!! She is my beautiful little girl - thanks for looking after her and
making her look so pretty Natasha. Hope you enjoyed the beach!! - Sue-Ellen (Text Message)

Husky - De-shed
“Thank you soo much Zarya looks beautiful” – Colleen (Text Message)

Persian Cat – Lion Clip
“Ow thanks so much Natasha! So happy to have found you and thanks for being so great with Molly” 
Polly (Text Message)

German Shepherd x Border Collie - De-shed

“Thank you oh so so much Natasha for Bears make over! You have done an absolutely amazing job!! He looks so happy! Sorry he was a bigger job than intended. He's a big boy. Looking forward to
meeting you next time!”  – Chelsea (Text Message)

Maltese - Trim
“So lovely and fluffy! Thank you again. See you on the 17th xxx” – Emma (Text Message)

Border Collie x Irish Wolfhound – Classic Clip
“Thanks so much Natasha! He looks fantastic!” ☺️ - Kayla (Text Message)

Mini Poodle – Classic Clip
“Thank you so much for those pics xx” - Jasmine (Text Message)

Persian Cat - Lion Clip
“My pleasure. I appreciate the time you put in. I honestly do love it. Looking forward to next time. It's a
great cut” - Kim (Text Message)

Persian Tortoise Shell – Lion Clip
“Thank you so much, you did an excellent job! Puss will definitely be visiting you again. Thanks again
Natasha” – Mitchel (Text Message)

Border Collie x Heeler - De-shed & Trim
“How gorgeous Thanks for the pic, coco is a lot cooler and chilled Very happy doggie" –

Vio (Text Message)

Maltese x Shih Tzu – Classic Clip
“Thanks Natasha lovely” ❤️- Kathy (Text Message)

Labrador – Classic Clip
“Thanks again Natasha will definitely be coming back again Porsche absolutely loved it!” – Richard (Text