Cat Single Services Explained...

Take advantage of my single services if you only require one or two things and need to dash in and out!  Whatever your kitty's needs are, I can always accommodate.

Full Nail Clipping...$15

Front only...$8

Back only...$8

I know that clipping your cat’s nails can be a tricky and stressful occasion.  Left untrimmed, long nails can cause your pet discomfort and lead to other complications.  I am experienced and on hand to professionally trim your pet's nails in a calm and reassuring environment.

Cats require nail clipping, with the frequency depending on their lifestyle.

Indoor-only cats will need more regular nail trims whereas outdoor cats may naturally wear their nails and require less frequent trimming. 

Please note a nail clipping is included in all Kitty Kits.

Nail Capping...$50

Also known as soft paws, a fun, safe and pain free way to prevent your cat from shredding your furniture by sharpening and scratching their claws.

Nail caps come in a number of fun colours, both glittered and plain.  I carefully trim your cats nails to attach your cats nail caps, these are glued on with a pet safe glue.  

Nail caps grow out naturally with your cats nails much like acrylic nails on humans, they last anywhere between

4-12 weeks.  

For the first time cats, I wait around and watch their behaviour with the nail caps to assure they are not going to pull them off, surprisingly most cats leave them alone.

I only recommend nail capping on indoor cats, cats whom go outside need sharp nails to get out the way of predators, therefore I don't recommend capping their nails.  


As cats do not sharpen their back nails on your furniture there is no need to cap their back nails.  A nail capping set only includes their front nails being done.