Additional Treatments Explained...

You can combine additional treatments with your Pooch Package or Single Service.  Always feel free to ask and I am more than happy to help.



Pamper your dog with my beauty package.  I will moisturise your dog's paw pads with organic paw balm to deeply heal and nourish the skin, file all nails and gently remove tear stain before finishing off with a spritz of cologne. 

Perfect for pooches that want that extra touch. 

Fresh Breath...$5

I will gently brush your pooch's teeth using a gel of unique powerful natural ingredients that removes and defends against plaque and tarter, and a fresh doggy toothbrush that I will wrap up for you to keep.

Your pooch will have fresh breath and be ready for cuddles.


Coat Repair...from $5

I apply a relaxing PH balanced skin treatment with extracts of Aloe Vera and Oatmeal, the perfect combination to help repair dry skin and coats.  After a shampoo and towel dry, I leave this beautiful coat repair treatment on your pet for the recommended 5 minutes.


Sensitive Skin...from $5

If your dog has sensitive skin prone to flaking, this soothing and nourishing oatmeal shampoo and conditioner treatment ideal.  The oatmeal soothing properties are specifically indicated for animals with itchy, dry skin.  I apply it in the relaxing warm bath and leave the oatmeal shampoo on your pet for the recommended 5 minutes, followed by the oatmeal conditioning treatment.


De-Shedding...from $5

For an amazing boost to the de-shedding process, this treatment is an advanced 3-point system specifically formulated to assist in the removal of collected undercoat of double-coated breeds after the bath.  It includes a deeply penetrating shampoo, release solution conditioner, and a conditioning spray.

Medicated Shampoo...from $5

A salon quality medicated shampoo is applied during the dog bathing process in salon to sooth and heal the skin.  I allow 10 minutes for the recommended medicated shampoo contact time.

Having an anti-fungal effect against bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi, this is an effective treatment of dermatitis and aids in the treatment of ringworm.


Tick and Flea...from $5

I can help you with your bitey annoying flea and tick problems by applying Fido's Flea Shampoo in a warm bath for the recommended 5 minutes before rinsing off and drying thoroughly .  Fido's Flea Shampoo is a pleasant smelling, soap free shampoo containing a natural insecticide pyrethrin.  It kills flea's, tick's and lice on cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.  This flea bath is not a preventative.

Please note - if fleas are found on your pet in salon before or during the bathing process, this shampoo is required and will be applied for this additional treatment fee.


Flea Preventative

I use only the very best products recommended by vets for worming, tick and flea control.  I can also give you expert advice on how to rid fleas from your home and pets – see my Parasite Prevention and Control Guidelines.